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William Carey International Development Journal is an online journal from William Carey International University, devoted to interdisciplinary research focused on the historical, cultural, and spiritual roots of human problems around the world, as well as analysis and discussion of proposed solutions.

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Special Issue, Strategy and Innovation

Jul 30, 2017

In this special non-dated issue we start with re-publishing a number of articles from past issues of the William Carey International Development Journal. Articles will be added as they become available. Please send inquiries to beth.snodderly@wciu.edu. We welcome submissions and comments at any time on the following broad topics and sub-topics within these:

Strategy and Innovation (here)
Leadership (here)
Cross-Cultural Communication / Translation Studies / Orality (here)
Environmental Studies and Creation Care
Community and Societal Development / Social Justice (here)
Area Studies
Disease Origins (here)
Worldview Transformation
Religious Studies

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Overcome Evil with Good

Aug 16, 20170 comments

In response to the racist violence in Charlottesville VA recently, I can only be appalled. After decades of progress with laws prohibiting racial discrimination I have to conclude that our country just proved that “you can’t legislate morality.” Although, as Martin Luther King Jr. said, “It may be true that the law cannot make a man love me but it can keep him from lynching me and I think that is pretty important.”

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