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William Carey International Development Journal is a quarterly online journal from William Carey International University, devoted to interdisciplinary research focused on the historical, cultural, and spiritual roots of human problems around the world, as well as analysis and discussion of proposed solutions.

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A Note from the Editor: Transformational Development Part 2

Feb 28, 20140 comments

Our current issue continues the theme of “transformational development” — a concept that evolved from the earlier notion of holistic development or cross-cultural ministry in the 1970s, and has been widely used among Christian (development) circles, though it often encompasses somewhat nuanced field of change. We seek to provide a platform for engaged review and discussion based on studies and reflections from the global community, to inform one other, and to broaden our understanding, through which, hopefully, a shared conceptual framework may eventually surface.

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Jesus’ Resurrection and International Development

Apr 24, 20140 comments

In his life on earth, Jesus overturned the works of the devil by meeting social needs, providing the basic necessities of food and drink, showing God’s will for good health and life, and reflecting God’s concern for true righteousness and belief in the truth.

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