Edinburgh 2010 Book Available for Free Download

by: EditorJun 29, 2012comments

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Interested in the growth of evangelicalism around the world? Then check out this book available now for free. The book, Perspectives on the Global Progress of the Gospel, edited by Beth Snodderly and A. Scott Moreau, is now available as a free download here.

Greg Boyd’s sermon, “A War-torn Creation,” is included in this book, pages 286-293. His sermon fits well with the Spring WCIDJ issue on Christians and the Environment, which you can read here: www.wciujournal.org/journal.

You can also listen to Boyd’s sermon at this link:
Boyd’s summary:

We live in a war-torn world of pain, hurt, violence, and death. This is not how God intended creation to look. The Good News is God has sent his Son, Jesus, to defeat the powers of death, and to begin reconciling and redeeming the world unto God. When Jesus rebukes the storm mentioned in Luke 8:22-26, he is giving us a foretaste of the ultimate victory and restoration that is to come.

If you download the book, let us know in the comments section below! What chapters stand out to you?