Three Views to the Problem of Evil

by: Brian LowtherJan 15, 2013comments

Brian Lowther A few weeks ago, Brian Lowther (Director of the Roberta Winter Institute), gave a seminar on “Three Views to the Problem of Evil and Six Ways to Reconcile the Violent OT God with the Loving NT God.” This topic is so relevant and important, considering the many terrible events that seem to fill the news everyday.

In Part 1, Brian explores three Biblical explanations for why an all-powerful and loving God could allow a universe that has so much suffering, violence, and evil.

In Part 2, Brian explores why the God of the Hebrew Bible tends toward hideous carnage and merciless slaughter, while Jesus reveals that God dies for enemies and longs for their forgiveness.

Listen to his seminar here.

What do you think about the problem of evil? Why do you think God appears so different in the Old and New Testaments?

Brian Lowther

Brian Lowther serves as the Director of the Roberta Winter Institute Brian was deeply influenced by Dr. Ralph Winter’s thoughts on evil, disease, and the cosmic war, so much so that he spent many years developing a yet unfinished novel to illustrate Dr. Winter’s thinking.