Who Wants to Die?

by: Jim HarriesOct 21, 2014comments

“Let’s go to the sufferers and encourage them” was the sentiment of our Kenyan Bishop regarding Ebola victims in Liberia. Endless people, he shared with us, refused to follow him in his “foolish” venture of going to encourage the dying in Liberia. He went anyway, with the few that were willing. His message was of hope to the dying; “there is life after death, have hope in Jesus, we have come here where many fear to tread because we hope in Jesus.”

“Who wants to go to heaven,” the crowd at a funeral in Kenya was asked. Apparently almost everyone raised their hand. “Who wants to die” was asked subsequently, and apparently no one raised their hand. But you can’t go to heaven unless you die! No one wants to die. Everyone WILL die. That is totally illogical. (At the same time, we all understand the sentiment.) When Christ comes will he find faith? Or will he find us all just going round in circles trying to avoid the inevitable?

Jim Harries

Jim Harries (b. 1964) has engaged in detailed research into inter-cultural communication between the West and Africa since 1988. He has a PhD in Theology (University of Birmingham, UK). Jim’s home, located in a Kenyan village, functions in African languages, as does his practice of Bible teaching, which is his main local ministry. Jim has published seven books and numerous articles. He chairs the Alliance for Vulnerable Mission (http://www.vulnerablemission.org).