This article is from the issue: Volume 5, Issue 1: Children and International Development

5. Children at Risk in El Salvador - Cases

May 19, 2016

The disintegration of the family unit in El Salvador has been a major contributor to the current state of societal emergency. The lack of a father figure in many families has prompted many youth to seek out approval and protection through gangs such as the MS-13 and the 18th Street gangs. Single mother families produce more single mother families and the cycle continues in a downward spiral for the society in general. Gangs control many communities, extort business owners, and have taken an increasingly aggressive stance towards governmental institutions such as the police, military families, and public school teachers and students.

The church is the only viable solution to provide a fatherly protection and unlimited love for those youth at risk. This paper looks at three youth and the reasons behind their struggles.

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Kenton Moody

Kenton Moody has worked amongst the poor in Santa Ana, El Salvador for the past six years. His focus has been in areas of extreme poverty and gang conflict helping children and youth at risk through education, social intervention, and spiritual transformation. He has founded the Open Door Church, Hosanna School, and the Center of Hope, all operating in Santa Ana.