This article is from the issue: Volume 4, Issue 1: International Development and Global Health

A Note from the Guest Editor

This issue of William Carey International Development Journal includes papers from the Christian Journal for Global Health, an initiative of the Center for HIM. It reflects a broad and expanding collaborative movement involving a large number of individuals and organizations globally. There is a rich history of efforts in health care by people of faith with courage to change with the times. This has inspired the concept of a Christian journal to explore global health issues in a manner that reflects scholarly excellence and scientific credibility.

We seek to capture, catalogue and distribute Christian thinking and practice that has been forged in real-time service among those in need. These experiences, and the motivations underlying them, warrant expression in an open access format, available world-wide and without cost. We hope to bring a scholarly approach to global health problems, marked by critical analysis and practical application to the world our readers inhabit. This journal will give voice to Christian workers, in every area of the world seeking best practices combined with common values. Few journals have as integrative an approach to health and mission, science and faith, policy and practice as we hope for this multidisciplinary resource. Our aim is to maintain a missional call to bless the nations and promote the power of the gospel to heal the whole person, community and society. With interdenominational global contribution and distribution, we hope to create new conversations using the comments feature and social media platforms. Cooperating with WCIDJ is part of advancing that conversation.

To make this project sustainable and effective, we are calling for papers from around the world with a broad scope including Public Health, Health Care Service, Organization, Mission and Health, and Conditions of Special Interest. Following the Scriptures which guide our work, we value strength in weakness, humility over bravado, evidence over superstition, honest appraisals over self-serving anecdotes, values over expediency. Recognizing the value of the perspectives of our colleagues of various world views, we hope true wisdom can be applied to express in writing cohesive knowledge for the good of others. As the source of all good gifts, and the reconciler of relationships, God will be glorified, and the Church’s role in healing the whole person and all nations will be enhanced.

The tides of change in global health must include people of faith who retain and express the wisdom of God with a relevant Grand Narrative. By letting this light shine, as Jesus taught, it becomes a testimony to the presence and glory of God among the peoples of the world.

Our articles include one that describes a successful contextualized intervention for HIV prevention among the Massai in Tanzania; a report on the challenges facing the Catholic Church in India in the provision of healthcare for the aging population, especially those with neurodegenerative illness; a study of the potential of a Christian mindset to influence community health workers in providing cost-effective maternal health services in rural Kenya; a unique effort to network organizations toward greater synergy for health development in Kenya. A moving final field report gives a window on the West African Ebola outbreak from the standpoint of a Nigerian physician who contracted the virus and her struggle to survive, testifying to the presence of God through suffering.

By promoting intelligent scholarship we aim to see improvements in quality care, revealing God’s heart for the healing of the nations, and to articulate theological reflections that inspire a new generation of service in a broken world.

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Daniel O’Neill

Daniel O’Neill, M.D. is an Assistant Clinical Professor of Family Medicine at the University of Connecticut School of Medicine. He has served as interim physician at Hospital Vozandes Del Oriente in Ecuador, Medical Services Director for Medical Ministry International, and on multiple health and development projects including in West Africa and North India. He is the Managing Editor for the Christian Journal for Global Health.

Michael Soderling

Michael Soderling MD, MBA (International Development) serves as Director of the Center for Health in Mission and is the Associate Editor for Health Missions for the Christian Journal for Global Health