This article is from the issue: Volume 5, Issue 2: The Role of Women in International Development

Mary McLeod Bethune: An Agent of Change and Leadership

Nov 01, 2016

As part of the universal Christian church, it is very important for us members of the Christian community in the US to recognize and acknowledge one of our own. This is a lady that should not only be remembered for her work in the social/economic development within the United States of America, the African American community/civil rights, or women’s rights, but also for her heroics and inspirational advancements as a vocational minister. Read the whole article: here

Namarr Newson

Namarr Newson is a graduate of Asbury Theological Seminary in Wilmore, KY whose major field of study was Intercultural Studies, and he is currently involved in community outreach with Native American Indians. He is currently a doctoral student at William Carey International University in International Development, under the guidance and insight of WCIU’s ongoing partnership with the North American Institute of Indigenous Theological Studies.